Yes, the rumors are true.  I have lost my mind completely and entered solo RAAM 2020.

Although there have been several attempts, no person 70+ years old has completed RAAM. 

I'll be 70 in 2020 and I know it would be a huge regret if I didn't at least give it a shot.  I only made it by 1 hour 15 minutes in 2011.  And I realize the route will be 80 miles longer in 2020.  And I realize I'm slower at 70 than I was at 61.  So I'm hoping RAAM requires more heart than it does speed.  And I'm hoping my 8 times crossing America serving as crew will lend some wisdom to my attempt.  Do I know I can make it?  Of course I don't.  Nobody does.  But I know I have to try.  

RAAM cost bookoos of money.  And I mean bookoos.

Please help support Team 383 by sponsoring a RAAM Time Station.  

Choose your favorite TS, or maybe your least favorite, or maybe the longest, or maybe the shortest.  

Any amount will help.

You will receive a shout out from myself or one of my crew as I arrive the TS.


Please paypal or send cash or check to:

Dex Tooke

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Del Rio, TX 78840

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