383 is NCOM race director Dex Tooke's Race Across America Number.  The  Anton Chigurh route is the mother of N C O M.  It is named after the book character.  Anton is a hitman notorious because of his lack of mercy and acknowledgement of human emotion. He enjoys unconventional weapons like a Captive bolt pistol, a tool used stun animals prior to slaughter.  

The route leaves Kokernot Park and heads to Study Butte.  Then it heads to Big Bend National Park taking in both the Ross Maxwell Scenic road and the Chisos Basin Climb.  The route exits the park toward Marathon before heading back to Alpine.  The racers complete the 383 mile challenging route by completing the McDonalds Observatory scenic loop.

The 383 Anton Chigurh is a RAAM qualifying race.  All solo racers who complete the race within the 32 hour time limit will be RAAM Qualified.



383 Anton Chigurh RWGPS Route

Preliminary Anton Chigurh 383 Route Book

Final route books will be issued at pre-race meeting.





383 Mile Anton Chigurh