Where does the race start/finish?

All 3 race distances start and finish at Quarter Circle 7 Hotel and Spa, 2800 Hwy 90 Alpine, Texas

When/where do racers check in?

Where are vehicle and bicycle inspections?

When/where is the pre-race meeting?

 See Schedule of Events.  Click here  Don't miss the Meet-N-Greet Pizza Party at 5:00 pm at the Quarter Circle 7 on Friday.


Where is the nearest airport?

Midland/Odessa.  MAF


Can I race without a crew?

No.  This is a RAAM style race requiring follow vehicle and crew.  


Is there a preferred hotel for the start/finish in Alpine?

The Quarter Circle 7 Hotel and Spa

2800 Hwy 90

Alpine, Texas


To receive NCOM discount, you must call the above number and mention NCOM and Dex Tooke.  Electronic reservations will not receive the discount.


What is the fuel situation along the route?

There is 24 hour fuel available at most towns along the route.  However, keep in mind that towns can be extremely far apart.  Race crews should not let their tank get below 1/2 full.


Are there lodging accommodations along the race route?

There is lodging in Alpine, Marfa, Ft. Davis, Study Butte, Presidio, Marfa, Marathon, Sanderson and Ft. Stockton.


Are there places to take a shower?

A pool shower is available at the Quarter Circle 7.


What temperature ranges should I expect?

Temperatures could range between the mid 40's in the upper mountains at night to 100 degrees in the mountain desert.  Racers should come prepared for all weather.


Is there cell service?

Cell service is extremely limited.  Even in towns, the cell service could only be available for the immediate area.




What do I do when I arrive a time station?


  • Call or text the War Room (number will be provided at packet pick up)

  • Identify yourself and your racer by name and racer number.

  • Identify the time station

  • State the time the racer arrived the time station

  • Always be courteous


What is a parade start?

At 7:00 am, a vehicle will lead the racers away from the start line through the city of Alpine.  Everyone will ride in a group at a slow pace.  No passing allowed.  On the outskirts of town, the lead vehicle will pull over and offer a green flag.  Racing (non-drafting) commences.


Where can I purchase amber lights?

Most auto part stores including Auto Zone, O'Reilly's etc. I prefer the wirelss magnetic base lights. Click here.


Where can I purchase the slow moving triangle?

Tractor Supply,  hardware stores, online.

Which NCOM race is the RAAM qualifier?

Rule 5. Time limits

  • 1000 mile Llewelyn Moss:  

  •         Intermediate time cut off at TS2 Marathon (228.6 miles):  17.0 hours (13.44 mph)

  •         Intermediate time cut off at TS11 Marathon (728.9 miles): 68 hours  (10.71 mph)

  •         Finish line cut off (1000 miles):  96 hours (10.41 mph)  All solo racers who finish within the 96 hour time limit will be Race Across America qualified.

  • 383 mile Anton Chigurh:  32 hours  All solo racers who  finish within the 32 hour time limit will be Race Across America qualified.  There are no intermediate time cut offs in the 383.

As a team, if we have a rider that has trouble on a certain leg - say for what ever reason he can only ride 35 miles - is it allowed for another rider to take over for him/her? 

You can swap out team members every 10 minutes if you want to or not swap them out for hours at a time if you want to.  Even if a team member gets injured, other team members can complete the race as long as all the miles on the course are covered.

Each member of a Team can ride as many or as few miles as they wish.  

See rule 21

21.  Team Division Rules

  • All NCOM rules for Solo Racers apply to the team Racers

  • A relay team must consist of no more than four Racers.

  • Only one relay team member allowed on the official route at any time.

  • At least one racer must finish.

  • There are no requirements as to how much time or how many miles each team member must ride.