Rugged and remote are two words that unequivocally describe N C O M . NCOM is a 1000 mile, 383 mile and 208 mile ultra bicycle race held in the vast region of West Texas. It is secluded and absent of the modern world’s commercialization. Less than 10% of the route actually has cell service.

It’s namesake stems from the Corman McCarthy novel by the same name.  

No Country for Old Men is truly a race of endurance as well as physical and mental challenge. NCOM is born from RAAM experience. You will discover parts of the route that are reminiscent of the moonscape terrain of Tuba City and Kayenta, climbs similar to the Yarnell Grade and the wide open vastness of the Colorado plains. Enjoy the ugly beauty, appreciate the desolation and respect the ruggedness of this immense land.


For the Love of the Game