Texas Cross State Records


I want to thank my crew for their sacrifice, relentless support and hard work.  I want to thank everyone that supported me and helped push me across this vast state.




Texas Cross State  Record

North to South/Perryton to Brownsville


873.5 Miles

64 hours 33 mins.

November 11 - 13, 2013

Texas Cross State  Record

West to East/El Paso to Texarkana

823 Miles

79 hours 42 mins.

April 7 - April 11, 2018 

Team Dex:

North to South Crew

Joni Tooke:  crew chief/domestique

Leah Folsom:  domestique

Kevin Jones:  driver

Kalleen Whitford:  driver

Daniel Sanchez: UMCA official

Douglas Hoffman:  UMCA official

Team Dex:

West to East Crew

Joni Tooke:  crew chief/domestique

K D Stoff: domestique

Wheels Busch:  driver

Tice Porterfield:  driver

Joe Tooke: UMCA official

Kevin Jones:  UMCA official

It WILL hurt, it WILL take a lot of time, it WILL take dedication, discipline and passion, but it WILL all be worth it.

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