When I was 28 years old I couldn't run one lap around a football field without being out of breath and needing to walk.. Now in my 60’s I've set the Texas Cross State Cycling record by scaling Texas from the Oklahoma state line to the Mexico border, a distance of 873 miles in less than 3 days. I have also completed Race Across America, considered to be the world's toughest bicycle race, 3000 miles in 12 days.

My story is not defined by age, but forged by finding passion and pursuing goals.

Whether you are aspiring to achieve higher career goals, develop discipline, wanting to achieve new personal athletic milestones or simply wanting to pursue your passion, I believe we all have a reserve deep inside that very few ever tap that will help you conquer your goals.







​"There is magic deep in the soul.  

Few have the passion to discover it."  


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