Follow Vehicle Set Up

 All follow vehicles (FV) must have the following signage:


1.  Slow moving vehicle triangle.
These can be purchased at 
most retail outlets such as 
Tractor Supply or Home Depot.

Not supplied by NCOM


They can also be purchased from NCOM at time of registration for $15.00 and will be included in your tote bag at packet pickup the Friday prior to race day.  


2.  Rear amber strobe lights.

Mounted on each side of the rear roof of the vehicle.   The front side of the light must be covered with duct tape to prevent viewing by on coming traffic.

May be purchased at several retail outlets including Tractor Supply and Home Depot.  Not supplied by NCOM.  I prefer the wireless magnetic base lights.  






3.  Caution Bicycles Ahead reflective sign.  This goes on the rear of the FV and must not be obstructed from view.  Sign may be stacked vertically or extend horizontally on rear of FV.

You may provide your own or purchase the sign ($30.00) at time of registration
The Caution Bicycles Ahead sign is peel and stick.  If purchased at registration, it will be in your tote bag at packet pick up and inspections on Friday prior to the race. It is recommended you place the sign on contact paper and then attach to your vehicle.  This allows multiple use of the signage.  The contact paper will be provided.